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Today we are going to address my number one frustration:  Computer Backup.

It’s a simple procedure of copying precious data from a hard drive to another storage location.  Completing this procedure gives you an insurance policy when your data is lost due to corruption or mechanical failure.  I use the word “when” because hard drive failure is inevitable.  It is only measured in the period of months or years the hardware will survive its daily use.  You can think of it like mechanical parts in a vehicle.  At some point in time, a part will fail and potentially leave you on the side of the road.  In the case of hard drive failure, it’s losing irreplaceable family photos or years of accounting data.

Our team at Moranda Minds Computer Services has encountered hundreds of cases where well-meaning people unnecessarily lose their data.  Of course, we have tools and software to perform successful data recovery, but let’s put the horse in front of the cart where it belongs – backup your data. I recommend purchasing an inexpensive external hard drive and configuring it for daily or weekly backup. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X come pre-installed with viable backup software.  Cloud based backup solutions are also available; these systems copy your data into a data server for off-site backup. In a perfect scenario, I recommend using an external hard drive in your home/office and a cloud-based backup solution in the event something catastrophic happens at that location.  Peace of mind is everything these days.

Protect yourself, protect your data.